Basna the wolf monk

A wolf monk named Basna. As if the claws and the fangs and the mean-looking cyrillic runes on a totem-like thingy weren’t enough, this bad boy has to carry a staff around!

Done in Photoshop CS4 with a Wacom Intuos4 L.

About AppWatch application for Maemo 5 (N900)

AppWatch is a Qt based application (currently in Extras-devel) which allows for easier tracking of repository activities, namely:

* Repository history – list of applications being added, updated or removed from various repositories (even those not enabled by the user, e.g. testing and devel)
* Hot Apps – list applications by download activity last week
* App Forecast – show applications currently in QA, in order of expected arrival to Extras
* App Stats – download graph of particular applications
* Show a graph with the number of apps in repositories

NOTE: Most menus have extra settings/filters available – just tap on the toolbar !

Known issues: Notifications and disk usage don’t quite work yet.

Appwatch was developed by Attila Csipa and its visuals were designed by Ivan Zorkic. Our goal is to combine the great coding skills of a highly experienced Maemo programmer with the accessible, mainstream design which appeals to advanced and casual users alike.

Appwatch tech preview screens

AppWatch – repository statistics graph

Graph which will be used in the final version of AppWatch